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About Us

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) is one of the leading technical universities in Taiwan and in the region of Asia. Taiwan Tech is devoted to meeting the need created by GLOBAL economic and industrial development for highly trained engineers and managers.
College of Industry-Academia Innovation (INNC) is founded in 2022 with the aim of strengthening the collaboration between industry and academia in technological innovations as well as talent cultivations. INNC has three graduate-level institutes: 
 Graduate Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology 
 Graduate Institute of Artificial Intelligence Cross-disciplinary Technology 
 Graduate Institute of Energy and Sustainability Technology 
with MS and PhD programs.

 Research areas 
 Industrial Data Science, Smart Manufacturing and Operations, Image Processing and Deep Learning, Robotics Engineering, Automation and Mechatronics Integration
 Applications of Computer Graphics and Vision, Data Science Processing, Information Security, Networked Multimedia, Sports Science, Medical Data Processing
 Power Engineering, Power Electronics, Circular Economy, Energy Technology

 Development directions 
•  Application-oriented, cultivate cross-domain comprehensive capabilities
•  Establish the R&D and innovation layout of cooperative enterprises, and plan the short, medium, and long-term strategic radar map
•  Planning and connecting enterprise resources and the energy of innovation and entrepreneurship of teachers and students
•  Internationalization - increase the proportion of postgraduates studying abroad year by year; develop international industry-university and research cooperation; increase the recruitment of outstanding foreign students and international experts